Life is precious - treasure every moment - Remembering Franko

Dated: November 7 2019

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Every now and then, we hear of a tragic story, but sometimes it happens in your very own backyard to one of your good friends you play Golf with.


On the morning of October 27, Geoff was walking in a Walmart parking lot when he was struck by a driver at 30 MPH. The driver fled the scene and was later arrested. Geoff was immediately transported to Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, GA where he currently lays in a coma.

Geoff (known as Franco to family and friends) has endured multiple fractures in his legs and trauma to his brain including bleeding and swelling inside the brain. He was immediately put on a ventilator. He still remains in a coma with his wife, Holly, by his side. We are praying that Franco wakes up soon without any long term effects to his brain function. Sadly, this is Franco's second major brain injury causing it to be much more complicated for his recovery.

The at-fault driver did not have insurance so Franco and Holly are forced to pay out of pocket for any outstanding medical bills or expenses. While medical bills are accumulating, Holly is unable to work as she stays by Franco's side. Holly works at a car dealership where her income comes primarily from selling vehicles which she is obviously currently unable to do.

We would like to support both Holly and Franco with their loss of income, medical bills and other expenses as they are on this journey of healing and recovery. Any donations would be much appreciated.

More importantly, please PRAY that Franco wakes up soon with minimal long term brain damage. As he is under exceptional medical care, we know that God is the ultimate physician and trusting that he WILL pull Franco through this and restore his body to complete healing. 

Thank you for your support.
Update:  Sadly, Franko passed away yesterday 11/5/2019.  The service is on Friday 11/8/ St lawrence catholic church.
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